"MONTIÑO" Fandango de Huelva.

Hello everyone,
As I promised, last month, here you have the free transcription of the best fandango de Huelva for guitar, in history of flamenco, “Montiño” by Paco de Lucía, from his historical  CD “Sólo quiero Caminar”. 
I transcribed both guitars that play on this cut: Paco’s solo and his brother Ramón’s accompaniment. The final Paco’s improv on the third track over the chord progression the first two guitars are playing has been also transcribed. With this transcription you already have 3 cuts from “Sólo quiero Caminar” available for free download:  the tangos after which the CD is titled, the bulerías “La Tumbona” and the fandango “Montiño”. The next transcription will be the colombiana “Monasterio de Sal” from the same CD, a magnificent duet  between Paco de Lucía and his inseparable bassist, Carles Benavent. Of course, both tracks, the guitar nd the bass, are transcribed.. 
Soon, the other transcriptions will follow: various cuts from  “Siroco”, and of course, more vintage Paco´s pieces, like “Recuerdo a Patiño”, “Mi Inspiración”, “Fuente y Caudal”, and many,l many more. 

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